3 Reminders for Hot Yoga Workout Clothes in the Fall

Hot yoga classes are an excellent way to work up a sweat and to detoxify the body quickly. They allow you to build heat and energy much faster than you can in a traditional class, particularly one with the benefits of central air conditioning. Yogis do need to be especially mindful of their attire when they prepare for a hot yoga class. It takes a lot more preparation and forethought to ensure that you’re dressed appropriately for hot yoga, particularly as the cold seasons begin to arrive.

What do you need to keep in mind for your hot yoga workout clothing this fall?

Bring Plenty of Layers

It’s bad for the muscles to transition quickly from extreme heat to extreme cold. Ensure that you’re providing some protection for them by layering up before you head out of the classroom. For yogis who prefer to wear yoga leggings or compression pants for their practice, this may mean slipping on an additional pair of yoga pants. During milder seasons, you may be able to wear just a simple pair of leg warmers or boot cuffs to keep your muscles warm.

The same applies to your top half as well. You need to bring a light sweater or a heavy-duty jacket depending on what the weather will be in your area. Be sure to put on the items you bring before you step outside even if you feel they may be unnecessary with your current body heat.

Make Sure the Clothes Are Dry

Do you work up a real sweat when you’re in a hot yoga class? If so, you should consider bringing an extra change of clothes for the end of class. Going into frigid air wearing damp clothes can cause a serious chill for your body. A dry outfit allows you to leave your yoga class without worrying about the additional chill that wet clothes can bring about.

High-Waist Capris Cover More Skin

If you’re concerned about exposing too much of your skin to the elements as hot summer fades to fall, consider wearing high waist capris. They can keep your abdominal muscles slightly warmer if you plan to step outside right after your class is over. With a sweater over the top, these yoga leggings are a convenient way to cover more skin with light layers and to keep your muscles warm and elastic.

While it may feel a little warm during a class to have these muscles covered up, you may find that you prefer the extra coverage. High-waist capris and yoga leggings can also help to wick away sweat from your skin and keep it from dripping onto your mat during practice. This could help you to have a safer practice as well as one that protects your body from the elements while the seasons change.

Dressing for hot yoga requires an extra layer of thought due to the intense heat that builds throughout the flow. Take care to choose the right workout clothing for your hot yoga class during the chillier fall weather.

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