Photographic Record of Your Yoga Practice

Photography is the artistic technique where memories and moments can last indefinitely through flashes of light, focus and the capture of images. The practice of yoga is a fun way to be photographed in order to appreciate the transformations of the body, styles and moments.

Yoga leads to introspection through mindfulness, asanas, breathing techniques and meditation. Once the practice and studies of yoga philosophy are deepened, capturing the moments of transition will be fundamental to document the postures, limits, and alignment of the body as well as the weaknesses to transform them into strengths. Keep a yoga diary and photograph the asanas that are performed constantly. Stimulate the motivation to continue with perseverance and dedication in practice by focusing on giving the best to obtain the best results of the Sadhana.

Yoga teaches us to live in the present by letting go of attachments, freeing ourselves from expectations and accepting the conditions of the body and mind. However, if the goal is to progress in the practice of yoga that betters form than to observe our own reflection, it may be a bit egocentric. But, it is important to see our image internally and externally.

How does your body look? How does your face look when performing the asanas? In yoga classes they repeat us again and again: relax the shoulders, relax facial muscles, contract the abdomen, and keep the right spine. Have you documented the responses of your body while performing yoga? Observing how one reacts is the beginning of really knowing ourselves.

Tips to Make your Photographic Record

  • Identify which asanas are simple for you
  • Evaluate which asanas represent greater difficulty at the time of practicing
  • Select 3 asanas from your favorites and 3 asanas that symbolize challenges
  • Choose a place that makes you feel comfortable and comfortable
  • Use the most appropriate clothing such as yoga pants, yoga leggings or cotton yoga shorts
  • Photograph once a month with the 3 favorite asanas and the 3 demanding ones

How do you watch?

Do you advance in practice after your first picture?

The aim of the photographs of the practice of yoga is to keep the beginnings present and to seek progress with discipline, experiencing the comfort in each posture to enjoy the therapeutic and regenerative benefits that the practice provides. Thus, one is able to project the image of yoga which is the relaxation of the body and the mind integrating the spirit with the universe.

Presently, there are millions of yogis and yoginis who are sharing their yoga practice thanks to the advancement of technology. It is possible for a photograph to go beyond borders and languages, bringing us closer to the diversity of the real world. Observing ourselves allows us to develop the acceptance of who we are and even applaud the advances that are obtained with dedication and effort.

Encourage yourself to share your Sadhana with all the yogis of the world.

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