Lifestyle Disorder and Yoga

Your habits can keep you healthy for life or destroy your life in a majorly way. No, we are not focusing on alcoholism, excessive smoking or consumption of illicit drugs over here. Other habits have begun to prove more destructive than the usual ones mentioned above. We refer to them as lifestyle habits, which, in turn, lead to lifestyle disorders/diseases.

Modern Lifestyles

Give a thought to the kind of lifestyle that you, and many others like you, lead in an urban area filled with all manner of comforts and luxuries. For instance, there are diverse modes of transport, to take you back and forth. Naturally, this gives you the confidence to opt for tight deadlines and packed schedules, whether you are in a job or into a business of your own.

Where is the time to exercise or keep fit? Your eating habits, diet, biological rhythms, etc, are bound to change too. Finally, even your posture is bound to suffer, as your shoulders bow down to stress-related problems! To sum up, when your relationship with your environment is imbalanced, it leads to unhealthy daily habits.

Do not be surprised, therefore, if you become a victim of lifestyle disorders/diseases. These illnesses include hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, atherosclerosis, obesity and obesity-related diseases, and stroke. Of course, illnesses associated with chronic smoking, drug abuse, and alcoholism, are already in the picture.

Go the ‘Yoga’ Way

It is obvious that you need to change your eating habits and lifestyle. A well-qualified dietitian will take care of all your nutritional needs. As for maintaining physical and mental fitness, it would be good to discard all other forms of exercise and opt for yoga instead.

Yoga is both, a science and a philosophy, as evinced by the reverence and respect it has been receiving since Ancient Times. Regular practice of yoga tends to work wonders on the alignment of the mind, body, and spirit. This is because the techniques involve repeated workouts via diverse bodily poses and postures, meditative practices and methods of relaxation. In short, every single part of your body receives its due attention.

You may be astonished to know that your body comprises of over 600 muscles. Unfortunately, several of them have been lying unused for years, thanks to your lifestyle and habits. Well, you may trust yoga to re-awaken them. You are bound to experience all manner of aches and pains in the initial stages. However, as you forge ahead with a determined mindset, you will be delighted to discover a bodily flexibility that had hitherto remained well hidden!

Yoga helps you to control the aging process too, by ensuring that you bring your wake-sleep patterns into balance. People are bound to comment upon your brisk movements, youthful looks, and boundless energy! Stress and fatigue tend to become outdated. Best of all, you acquire a rare discipline in your personal and professional lives. What finally emerges is a new YOU, capable of healthy decision-making, remembering things, focusing on every task, controlling emotions and building good relationships with everyone around.

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